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The 10th Annual Not Still Art Festival

If you wish to exhibit NSA Festival programs at your institution, please contact us to make arrangements.


The Not Still Art Festival is a festival by artists for artists.  It receives funds from a Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, which redistributes funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  These funds go to traveling artists as honorariiums.

New York State Council on the Arts  Experimental Television Center

Additionally we would like to thank the Micro Museum for hosting the Festival , as well as for providing us with this website and for media facilities.

...a forum for abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music and sound design

the 10th Annual

NOT STILL ART 2005 PROGRAM:                

"nk_fx_tst00_2"  2:00

Bill Etra  video and sound

A wireframe self portrait by a master of raster manipulation.    



"Vignettes of War and Business" 4:00 

Brit Bunkley  image and animation
Ohia (Jason Molina) "Translation"  music

Ambiguous images in high definition present absurd  impressions of our life and times.

  "die Wand" 6:18

Brigitta Bodenauer  video
Michael Strohmann  "die Wand"  music

"the hand
at the screen
breaks through
breaks out
from media
into desire
back to reality___________"

"Movement Reflection" 3:40

Zach Poff and n.b. aldrich   music and image
Brendan McCall   dancer/choreographer

"Movement Reflection is the outcome of repeated recycling and abstraction within and between media."

"Stains and Sparkles" 5:00

Paula Cronan  director/producer
Juliana Snapper  co-producer / music

"It's a kind of TV painting....  There is a major element of sentimentality for my early TV memories, particularlymy fascination with between-station static."

"Opus 3" 1:42

davidjr a.k.a. David Bruce Bates Jr.  image and music


This work navigates through a cybermorphic world where keystrokes time reality.



"Birthing" 7:50

Kyra Garrigue   video and audio

"Birthing" is a self reflective piece.  The silence and slow motion require patience and allow the viewer 
to observe their own internal thoughts.


"WG (War Games)" 6:40

Andrew Greaves   image
Ian Willcock   sound

"WG... is not a piece of digital agit-prop.... if it has a sense of distance and isolation... a feeling almost of being a documentation of vanishing - a memorial, it is perhaps only to be expected in these times of obsessive state violence."


"Labyrinth No. 112"  6:00

Gerhard Mantz   image  and sound

  "Labyrinth No. 112" loops through 2-D space .


"Second Sight" 5:20

Stephanie Maxwell   image and animation
Peter Byrne   image and animation
Allan Schindler  music

" 'Second Sight' presents a passage through a mist in which perception is ultimaltely clarified and sharpened rather than obscured."



"Cross Contours" 10:00

Dennis H. Miller  image, animation and music

"  'Cross Contours' explores a variety of nearly identifiable icons and images and develops numerous associations...."

"The Theory of Light, Chapter One"  8:00

Audri Phillips  director
John Adamczyk, Peter Adamczyk, Frederic Chopin, Merek   music

"I was handed down a book from my grandfather, 'The Theory of Light' written in 1889.
This is an art video piece inspired by the book and the notion that light shaped the evolution of the human mind and is the constant in our lives that enables us to see even if blind through our hearts and minds.  We have been given vision in a life of change and impermanence.  It is also a tribute to my 90 year old father."


"Pendulum" 6:10

Jon Shumway  video and music

"Our lives often seem to be governed, or at least influenced, by oppositional or dichotomous structures. On many levels, we shift between different states of being -- physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, socially, politically, economically, etc.  Pendulum is an exploration of cyclical, back-and-forth movements."

"After Brakhage"  2:36

Michael Theodore  image and music

"I have always been interested in creating pieces by varying and transforming a small amount of source material. "After Brakhage" continues this line of inquiry... though I generally allow algorithmic processes to unfold at a pace that is slow enough for their essential characteristics to become revealed. In this piece I have intervened as an editor to a much greater extent, molding and shaping both of the processes themselves, and the way that they are arrayed in time. The piece is informed by deep admiration for the work of Stan Brakhage, who was a colleague of mine at the University of Colorado, Boulder, until shortly before his death in 2003. "

"I Went to Bed"  4:00

Angela Veomett  video and sound

" 'I Went to Bed' grew out of an experience I had about ten years ago when a classmate of mine died.  The night after his death my sleeplessness developed into near hysteria because the intense emptiness I felt inside.... The intent of this piece is to realize this fierce connectedness between one's mental and physical worlds."

"Death in the Details"  5:16

Robert Waldeck   director, editor, sound mix


" 'Death in the Details' deals with the themes of war, technology, and nature.  The video examines society’s mechanistic orientation to these subjects by combining video footage with documentary photos of industrialization, wartime soldiers, and the quest to expand our frontier into space.  The sound track uses the reoccurring sound of sonar. "


"He's Done / Execution in Falluja"  2:14

Larry Wang   director, editor, sound mix 

"This piece begins with a news clip and then moves quickly into other elements.  It originates in a political sensibility attached to the invasion and occupation of Iraq."

"City Symbols"   1:52

Yuming Zhao  director, editor

"A series of white-and-black photos describes city as three basic shapes: triangle, square, circle.  By the quiet and soft music, different views and angles of the camera project the underlying characteristics of the city."


"Pool" 5:35

Ralph Hocking image and sound
Sherry Miller Hocking  movement

"Pool" is video as diary and robotic witness of the mundane.  
The enhanced audio and video reveal how technology filters reality.

"Home Movies"  2:00

Bob Mataranglo  direction, image and edit
Concept:FX   sound

" 'Home Movies' addresses issues of childhood memory and nostalgia for an era over a half century ago."

"Boop-oop-a-doop" 3:22  (excerpt)

Sachiko Hayashi    image and sound collage
Magnus Alexanderson   sound source

Appropriated images and sound clips of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop are skewed till they
comment on the past manipulation of  these female charicatures by Hollywood.


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