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    The Not Still Art Festival was created in 1996 to celebrate abstract and non-narrative video art and its relationship to music and sound. This painterly motion art form, made with electronic tools, is barely 25 years old. 

    Unlike film animation, which is created in a "frame-by-frame" technique, electronic motion imaging allows video artists to create in real time. This ability to make moving images, much as a musician makes music (as the inspiration occurs), is unprecedented in the history of animation. The Not Still Art Festival presents work in which the visual uniqueness of the electronic medium is a determining aesthetic element. It is concerned with the equal collaboration of image and music/sound and with the abstract, non-verbal mode of expression that this genre represents.

"These passionate [abstract] compositions are not limited to the purely visual celebration of what pleases the eyes. They reach beyond the world of the senses to symbolize the forces that activate life and the physical world with all their overwhelming complexity." from Rudolf Arnheim's essay "What Became of Abstraction?", p. 22, To The Rescue of Art U. of CA Press, 1992. HR

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Artistic Director: Carol Goss
The NOT STILL ART was organized in 1996 to celebrate abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging and its relationship to music and sound. 
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