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The submissions to the  Festival are in and the program will soon be posted to this site, with images and links to the artists' websites.


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The Not Still Art Festival is a festival by artists for artists.  It receives funds from a Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, which redistributes funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  These funds go to traveling artists as honorariiums.

Additionally we would like to thank the Micro Museum for hosting the Festival , as well as for providing us with this website and for media facilities.

...a forum for abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music and sound design


FESTIVAL DATE:  Saturday OCTOBER 2, 2004
LOCATION:  Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NYC
TIME:  1:00 PM - Artist Interviews
8:00 PM  International Screening


"In the Moment" 5:30

John Adamczyk music and image

"A wandering of the mind in a moment of time - a rush of inspired ecstasy that occurs in an instant. Such flashes visit me from time to time, encompassing memories, emotions, and sensations for which I don't have words."

"Holi Celebration" 6:18

William Brown video

A Spring festival celebrated throughout Hindu India in which chaos gradually replaces ordered activity. Taped in Jaipur and Barsana.


"Lost and Found" :38

Chris Casady animation

John Dentino music


A brilliant and brief flash.

"Particle Valentine" 4:43

Christine V. Dunn music and image

"Based on a lucid dream involving an 'orgy or butterflies'. It made me so profoundly happy that I needed to record and express it as purely and completely as possible. The piece is my valentine to every particle of everything, everywhere."

"Places I Have Never Been" 4:00

Chris Ernst image and music


The Watts Towers becomes a psychic geographical orientation point for the artist.



"What I Want" 2:50

Ido Fluk - video and audio


"I don't want a dying mortgage... a house, an SUV, Kenneth Cole shoes, spend my life in front of the television..."


"Sing to Me You Precious Wound" 5:30

Max Gleason - image and sound

"This piece explores individuals' inability to function in contrived social situations through forty seven vignettes."



"Byegones" 2:35

Carol Goss image

Boswell Sisters music


The 1925 recording, "Nights When I Am Lonely" is updated with a contemporary take on the lyrics.


"Free Line" 3:43

Keum-Taek Jung animation

Christopher Brakel music

Physical objects, scratched and painted film and 2D animation in collaboration with dimensional sound.


"Crisis in Sapville" 5:00

John Knecht text, image and sound

"A delirious space somewhere between nightmare and pure hallucination."

"(re)cognition" 3:50

Stephan Larson animation and music

"This is not a story with a beginning and end, it is an animation about the moment when something is realized, the moment of understanding, the moment of comprehension. It is the moment when something that appears random is suddenly deliberate."


"On Smoking" 5:00

Francesco Leprino video

Arrigo Cappelletti  and Giulio Visibelli music


This is about a burning relationship - and not only between a cigarette and a cigar.

"Labyrinth No. 136" 6:23

Gerhard Mantz image and sound

"The viewer floats through an endless succession of rooms, like the waves of the surf, they appear similar but are never the same."


"Time Streams" 5:30

Stephanie Maxwell animation

Allan Schindler music

"The spiral-like structure and unbroken momentum are suggestive of intersecting streams or ribbons of non-linear time. Images are painted on film and then digitally processed. Sound is sampled and then rearticulated."

"Undercover" 3:46

Todd Pardon image and music


"A collage of moving images and sound that invoke the feeling of anxiety in being pursued or uncovered."


"Ten-Long-Lives" 4:15

Jae Yoon Park animation

Edgar Grana music

"The symbolism of ten codes including sun, water, pine tree, clouds, bulocho, rock, turtle, deer, crane and mountain explores the concepts of principle, faithfulness, health and long life."

"Freeway Wind" 3:18

Audri Phillips image

John Adamczyk music

"This is a video poem touching upon the temporary nature of life and the sadness that is one and the same with the beauty all around us."


"Madcatter" 3:00

Robert Pirretti image and music

Cy Donovan music

"The memory of a woman, who is perhaps a metaphor for memory itself, is tracked from a point of distortion to a dreamlike invention of madness."

"Cyberdate" 5:12

Bart Woodstrup image and sound design

Matt Biederman video and programming

Online dating service meets San Francisco sensibility with all possibilities ensuing.


"Homicidal Maniac for a President" 3:00

judsoN (Jusdon Wright) computer image and interactive audio


...a deceptively simple or simply deceptive piece from a cTheory programmer.


"Illumination Number 1" 4:36

Walter Wright image and programming

John Voight Ensemble music

Prerecorded images processed in live performance with improvised music.

"Absence Presence" 8:00

Mark Zaki video and music

Annie Loui dance and choreography

Inspired by Rilke's poem about the legend of Orpheus.



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