Not Still Art Festival 2000

Live Media Performance
7 pm - till ?   Saturday April 29th., 2000

Schwarzchild, a 3D animated video with glasses will be
introduced by Andrew Lyons   15:00

Wrapture   8:00
Carol Goss - video
Vanessa Bley - movement
Hayes Greenfield - saxophone

Labor: Humans Need Not Apply   10:00
Carol Goss - video / performance
Vanessa Bley - video / performance
Hayes Greenfield - saxophone
William Laziza - video

William Laziza will demonstrate and perform with
The Videograph, an interactive video instrument for
making dynamic graphic designs, and The Chromaphone,
a visual zylaphone that shows wave form interrelationships.  30:00

Interface   1:00:00
Nick Fortunato - video from a custom programmed NATO MAC
Curtis Bahn - custom 5 string vertical bass fitted with electrical
pickups and various computer controllers
Dan Trueman - 6 string electric violin with a bow of his own design
which transmits performance information to his computer.

Elimination of Process   1:00:00
Walter Wright - Video Shreader and custom programmed PC
Zipperspy aka Maria Moran - electronic music and sound manipulation

123 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 797-3116   DIRECTIONS
(the Bergen Street Station on the F train)
Day Pass: $15. in advance, $20. at the door


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The NOT STILL ART FESTIVAL was created in 1996 to celebrate abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging and its relationship to music and sound.  The visual uniqueness of the electronic medium is a determining aesthetic element in work screened at the Festival.

"These passionate [abstract] compositions are not limited to the purely visual celebration of what pleases the eyes. They reach beyond the world of the senses to symbolize the forces that activate life and the physical world with all their overwhelming complexity." from Rudolf Arnheim's essay "What Became of Abstraction?", p. 22, To The Rescue of Art U. of CA Press, 1992. HR

The Not Still Art Festival is produced by artists for artists.  It is a project of the New York Foundation for the Arts.  It is funded with a Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center , with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  The NSA Fest 2000 is sponnsored by and Promote Art Works, Inc.  The Not Still Art Festival receives promotional support from Media Alliance at WNET/Thirteen, FIVF/AIVF and the Bay Area Video Coalition.
Thanks to for graciously providing internet access and this website in support of the arts.   Festival Director: Carol Goss

P.O. Box 496
Cherry Valley, NY 13320-0496
FAX: 607.264-3476

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