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Not Still Art International Screening 2002

Not Still Art screened "New York Poem" in support of the Municipal Art Society's
"Imagine New York" project

New York Poem
direction / text - Mihail Dimov
music - Tibetan Temple Bells "Akana,"
Little Big Bee "Searchon" (At Jazz Re-mix),
Deva Premal "Gayatri Mantra"

Recorded in 2000 while Mihail Dimov was artist-in-resident in New York City and edited in his home, Sofia Bulgaria, in Spring of 2001, "New York Poem" is an homage to lower Manhattan.

animation / music - Stephen Larson

Life is based on intervals: the waves on a shore, night and day, the heartbeat. They tie us to images whether the images are immediately recognizable or not. "Intervals" is an experiment in such cycles - very short intervals of movement or sound are opposed by longer intervals, some of which are over a minute in duration.

video - Blithe Riley
audio - Woody Sullender

A movement study in which multiple "digi-puppets" are shown in action. In this piece, we are exposed to the "digi's" language methods, behavior patterns and methods of interaction.

White Hole
images - Sachiko Hayashi
music - Magnus Alexanderson

This piece deals with a variation of "moment form", a term coined by composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Moment form is music that neither recapitulates former moments nor moves to a definitive end. In this piece, moments in both sound and vision can be traced to a) the moment of repetition b) the moment of succession and c) the moment of progression.

concept, production, and direction - Liz Goldberg and Warren Bass
primary graphics - Liz Goldberg
animation and enhancement - Warren Bass

The basis of the piece is the exploration of gesture as a calligraphic and choreographic statement, exploiting the freedom, energy and immediacy of the ultra quick sketch. Each frame was drawn freehand in less than 3 seconds while viewing a dance move through different poses. The soundtrack was improvised with a drum machine.

Past Tense
composer / animator - Dennis Miller

Past Tense, a work in three sections, propels you through virtual abstract landscapes.  The images and sound are created with an interactive process directly from code.

Tambor Azero
video - Gloria Machnowski a.k.a. EXTRA<G
Lisa Kerner as "The Seeker"
music- EOE / Martin Dostal & Ricardo Picon

A sci-fi space chase on the steps of the Buenos Aires harbor is punctuated by periodic chants from Transylvania, "You and your sister are too well known here in Rumania"...

Upgrade: Cyborg Ascending a Staircase
video / sound - Jon Shumway

Technologies, according to Marshall McLuhan, function as extensions of humanity into the environment. Thus, technology serves to blur the physical boundary that separates our personal being from its environment.

Techincal Aids
image / sound - Kasumi

A hallucinatory montage of hand-painted and computer-generated images, sounds, samples, grooves, and digital video -"is the stream of consciousness of a soul burdened by the judgement of others."

image / sound - Nicholas Economos

Forty-fives flows from thoughts regarding nature, machines and corporeality. Both the sound and video are built using looping structures.

video - Tara Kozuback
audio - Aaron Becvar

Catharsis is illicited from apparently simple means.  A romp in the grass brings you face to face with your mortality.  Time is manipulated in both audio and video to great effect.

computer animation - Michael Scroggins
music - Jon Hassell/trumpet, J.A. Deane/percussion,
Jean-Philippe Rykiel/keyboards, Michael Brook/guitar,
Richard Horowitz/keyboards,
Brian Eno/bass,  Richard & Paul Armin/RAAD electro-acoustic strings, Michael Frasconi/flute

The sun, that difficult to shoot omnipresent orb, dominates the screen in this placid computer animation which lightly plays with geometry.

Summer Light
7:00 (excerpt)
direction, image, sound - Daina Krumins

The latent violence that underlies much of Victorian utopian art is intimated in this excerpt from Daina Krumins's program.  The concept of the "pastoral" is reinvigorated by the contemporary consciousness of the artist.

Track 3
video - Walter Wright
sound - Maria Moran

Fractured time and space rush past the sound barrier.  Nature is cacaphonically shredded by a purely urban aesthetic.

Re-Generation   :40
SHHHH!    1:14
image - Beth Warshafsky
sound - Gerry Hemmingway

These pieces were created extemporaneously, evolving from image to sound to image to sound. The content is in the interplay between what you hear and what you see.

direction, video - Carol Goss
music - Paul Bley / piano & Kurzwiel synthesizer
dance - Vanessa Bley

The relationships between human movement, the ocean and the melodic line are all intertwined.  The video was created in live performance; the piano and synthesizer are realtime.

Terra Incognita
image - Stephanie Maxwell
music - Allan Schindler

The animated imagery derives from paintings and etchings on 35 mm clear and black film, digitized and manipulated. Thumb piano, pigmy pipe and gamelan metallophone sounds, were transformed and contrapuntally layered, intercut, diced and threaded into a pulsating "spider web" design suggested by the visual imagery.

Five Modernist Essays
music / image - Michael Lasater

These brief video/midi etudes are an exercise in movement, color and spatial relationships. The music is based on a tone row by Webern in his Konzert (Op. 24); the video is based on images of Ivens "Rain" and Ruttman's "Berlin: Sinfonie der GrossStadt," films contemporary with Webern's career. Webern's row (B Bb D, Eb G F#, G# E F, C C# A), itself four groupings of three tones, suggests the visual structure and rhythm of several passages.

Chaotic Notions
image / music - Kurt Schultz

Without realism, a substantial and convincing universe is constructed from algorithms and sonic whirlwinds: chaos is elemental and essential.

video - Jon Niborg Speier
audio - Quijot

This quick study in rectangles proves the Fibonnaci ratio to be playfully harmonious, especially when accompanied by digital chimes.

Piece to Music by Terry Wilson
electronic music - Terry Wilson
video - Jud Yalkut

The music merges text, sound, and pulsing beats with audio manipulation.  Imagery for this piece was electronically generated from Wilson's audio material, through the modulation of waveforms, digital delay, keying and super-impositions.

Same Day, Different Millenium
switcher - Haley Downs
camera - Shinobu Mokuno
VJ - Brother Russell Scholl
powerbook - Akio Mokuno
audio engineer - Ross Bonadonna
orchestration, spoken word, sampler, electric sax - 99 Hooker

A performance with free jazz, mixed live and appropriated images and contemporary diatribes remniscent of the two Williams (Gibson & Burroughs).

Dream of the Jinni
concept, computer graphics, video mixing - Aix D. Battoe
music - 'Shadai' Ken Hata of Jiyuujidai
dance - Mishaal

Ancient dance and rhythms are beautifully conjoined by these computer artists.  The ultimate goal of trance is preserved and perhaps enhanced.

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Exhibited on CD-R

sound & visualization - Adriano Abbado

Abstract play with a horizontal orientation.

Film Music
Stephanie Bolt and Eric Lesdema

A take on silent movies, with the appropriately low-tec Game Boy generating both the sound and image

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Exhibited on the Internet

Jessica Irish

A layered,  interactive urban environment that plays with your head.

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