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The 1999 NSA Screening is the forth annual presentation of video art work done in relation to music and sound design that is devoted exclusively to abstract and non-narrative work.  Though the exhibition format is video, the programs are created on a wide range of technologies from antique analog equipment to state-of-the-art digital visualization tools.  The visual uniqueness of the electronic medium is a determining aesthetic element in work screened at the Festival.

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PORTFOLIO 6:50  Christopher Keller  “ encompasses a range of emotions that just cannot be expressed in any other media”

TABERNACLE 10:30  Tony Gault & Elizabeth Henry religion, science and echnology have influenced the way we experience our bodies

ZIG-ZAG 3:20  tee-yah - video, NervSpong - sound  “I just don’t trust myself”

Alberto Roblest / Torre Visual’s in the bag!

DANCE IOTA 2:50  Stephan Larson - video & music  ...a jubilant trip

TAO #204 5:00  Cecily McKeown - video & music   3D Taoist symbolism

A I U E O N N, SIX FEATURES  3:00  Takahiko Iimura   ...this is stretching it...

EARS, EYES, NOSE, MOUTH 3:15  Eric Prykowski bios

PLANTING  :15  Dan Cooney - video  “As he growss older he sheds his skin and I realize that it fits me.”

LUNAR ECLIPSE 3:00 Ann Steuernagel   ...accentuates the gestures and quotidian rhythms of her subjects

SATELLITE DOG 2:40  Jackie Pardon  ...this dog doesn’t get the message

SEE CHORD 2:55  Carl Geiger   ...cut and paste music

LANDSCAPE: A SKETCH  4:42  Sarah Snow - video & sound ...Jackson Pollock on the move

PLEASANCE 7:00  Jason K. Huddy - director, James M Yorio - actor, Jesse Arnold - camera    ...Lewis Carroll redux

NOCTURNE 5:30  V. Sheri Wills   ...a reverie of flowers and music

WATER CANYONS 2:50  Jud Yalkut - video, Tom Jordan - music fish, and a  few other colors as well

BOMB SIGHT 3:50  Dave Ryan   ...perceptual exploration of the enlisted

A VEA LOOT 7:40  Jessie Shefrin & Andrew Deutsch   “ was in 1943”

EASEMENT 4:00  Michael Intriere - video, Steve Thomsen & Joseph Hammer - music  “A kaleidoscopic easing through an easment on Point Dume”

OUT OF CONTROL 5:00   Carol Goss -video, Paul Bley, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Bruce Ditmas - music     ...chaos in a onetime bastion of would-be discipline


First presented
Saturday   May  8, 1999   8pm
Sunday   May 9, 1999  12 noon

84a Kingston Street, Boston, MA. 02111
(near the Computer Museum)  617-357-1607

The Not Still Art Festival is sponsored by the Boswell Museum of East Springfield, NY.  The Festival is also made posible with promotional support from Media Alliance at WNET/Thirteen, FIVF/AIVF and the Bay Area Video Coalition.
Thanks to TELENET.NET  for graciously providing internet access and this website in support of the arts.

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