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The Festival has received an overwhelming response this year from media artists across the country working in abstract and non-narrative forms.   The screening has been curated by
Carol Goss and Malcolm Humes. Pamela Hawkins will be present to discuss the programs with the audience.  The Not Still Art Festival is honored to be screening the following programs:

FISH  4:30  Michael Intriere  "Fish" is about,!  Shot under  the waters off  Santa Catalina Island.   Music by Steve Thomsen and Joseph Hammer.

LIQUID METAL  5:00  Maggi Payne  Water patterns, visible at a close-up range,  have their intimate beauty revealed in images and sound.

BUDDHAMIX  4:50  Jud Yalkut   Author of "Electronic Zen: The Alternate Video Generation", brings us this ommmm incantation.

INNER VISIONS DURING MEDITATION  2:25  Benjamin J. Weisman Another quick trip to the land of ommmm.

SWING BRIDGE   5:20  Reynold Weidenaar      A video-art-music celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge,   music composition and video by Weidenaar.  Clarinet played by F. Gerard Errante.

SPLIT  2:00  Sarah Snow  Audio triggered video, this artifactured tape  definitely  knows  what the left hand is doing.

THE SCALE OF C NATURAL  4:30  John Daniel Walsh    See what you "c" and hear in this exploration of "C natural".

LINE SEGMENT  3:28   Carl Geiger    A visual and audio exploration of time, mass and weight.

00:08    4:00   NervSponge    On February 3, 1998 at 6:37pm, Carla Faye Tucker was administered a lethal injection.  At 6:45,  she was pronounced dead.  The first woman to be executed in Texas since the Civil War.

INVOICE   5:00  Christian Matts      A reaction to seasonal depression, isolation and loss that moves between autobiography and fiction.

THE ADVENTURES OF IRIS PUPIL   2:37  Lara Odell            Episode #3 in this tryptych exploring the plight of Iris Pupil,  who just wants "to be IN the movie".  Actrress, Sara Cooper.

THREAD: To make one's way between   3:38  Amy Baumgartner    Appropriated images and audio help this artist come to terms with the "small mindness" in which she was raised.

EDUCATION, AN EXTENSION OF THE SYSTEM  :40  Computer: Vanessa Bertinotti and Sibilla Soldini.  Music: Ed Nauen.    Short but sweet digital digressions.

CONCLUSION #17   4:30  Cecily McKeown   3D animation.

HIGHWAY 70  5:40  Bill Alves   Music and images by Alves.

(R)EMERGE   3:50  Stephen Larson   "as space and objects are created and manipulated, a world comes into existence, a place which lacks a  normal  physical  description   and oscillates between the second and third dimensions for the viewer”.     Images  and  sound   by  Larson.

HANAH (Sob a Pele)  8:30   Marcia Antabi      An exploration of the silences that surround memories.  A meditation on the  nspoken.  Shot in Rio de Janeiro.

THE TOTEM OF HEAVENLY WISDOM  5:00  Tamiko Thiel   Two excerpts from Thiel's installation by the same name, featuring movement by Tien Huei and music by Teed Rockwell.

VISIBLE TRACES  5:39  Serena Lin   An intensely beautiful montage wherein audio, video and 3D textures seamlessly entwine, creating an unforgetable emotional space.

First presented April 24, 1998   8PM    Cooperstown, New York

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The Not Still Art Festival is produced by the Boswell Museum of East Springfield, NY with in-kind support by Gallery 53 of Cooperstown, NY.  The Festival is a Decentralization Program which is made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  In Otsego County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Upper Catskill Community Council of the Arts.  The Festival is also made posible with funds from the Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, and promotional support from Media Alliance at WNET/Thirteen, FIVF/AIVF and the Bay Area Video Coalition.

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