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The 12th Annual Not Still Art Festival

If you wish to exhibit NSA Festival programs at your institution, please contact us to make arrangements.


The Not Still Art Festival is a festival by artists for artists.  It receives funds from a Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, which redistributes funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  These funds go to traveling artists as honorariums.

New York State
                    Council on the Arts  Experimental Television

Not Still Art is a sponsored project of
Promote Art Works, Inc.

Additionally we would like to thank the Micro Museum for hosting the Festival , as well as for providing us with this website and for media facilities.

...a forum for abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music and sound design


The 12th Annual NOT STILL ART Festival
Saturday October 13, 2007
Location:  Micro Museum, 123 Smith St., Brooklyn, NYC
Artist Interviews:  1:00 - 5:00 PM
International Screening :  8:00 PM

"Artists each have their own definition of non-narrative and each comes from a very specific and unique
universe/tradition of art making.  Over the years these universes have overlapped, but they are still identifiable.  We're open to the input of the entire self-defined community.  What we are attempting with NSA is not to create a platform for a particular school of work, but to integrate a wide range of abstract and non-narrative work into a whole, where each part informs the other on multiple levels."
    Artistic Director:  Carol Goss


"Flood Water (bio)graphy"  3:17

Tammy Renée Brackett   video and music


"Created in response to the geographical movement of families caused by hurricane Katrina.  Genetic information faces turbulence as the body is pulled and submerged by the flow of floodwater."  


"Berlin Skin" 4:06 

  Kim Collmer   video and animation
Petra Klusmeyer   music

"Animating the layers of a city, memory is encoded into its walls as the continual patter of urban energy pushes us forward in time.  The animation is meant to create a physical connection between the viewer and Berlin, cloaking them in the 'skin' of another location."



<> "Awen"  9:30

Matt Costanza   director
Michaela Eremiasova  music composer
Kelly Ferris  choreography


 A collage homage to eros.    A single neo-classical dancer is time delayed, multiplied and rearranged in space - in front of an animated mosaic. The music and the mosaic are remniscent of Byzantine sites and sounds still lingering in Eastern Europe.

"Density 1" 4:00

Patrick Doan a.k.a. DEFASTEN   video and sound
Tim Hecker  "Balkenize You"  music sample, courtesy Alien8 Recordings

"A sensory video about displacement, time, and space....commenting on the ephemoral nature of long term memoroy, and how it's representations are distorted through a person's environment, experience, and temperament."

"pipilo" 2:15

Brian Evans  animation

Time Arts  music

"Another edition to the collection of impeccable 2:15 animations by Evans. They are simple, elegant and sophisticated."

"Sensorium"  5:00

Karen Aqua & Ken Field  directors
Karen Aqua  animation
Ken Field  music

Extraordinary chamber music is punctuated by lively animation.



"Undulation" 3:47

Harvey Goldman   animation
James Bohn  music

"A study and investigation of the visual and sonic elements of cadence, meter, oscillation, palpitation, pressure, and pulsation.  The piece represents an attempt to amalgamate, provoke and energize abstract imagery with abstract sound."

"The Brown Paper Bag"   1:11

Phillip Guthrie   video and animation


"An exploration between drawing and motion graphics, between realistic and abstract: 'an interesting piece'. "

"Navigating the Pearl System"  2:50

Frank Hartnett    video and sound

 Gyrating through subterranean sounds and images, the point of view is not you but perhaps a whale or a cyborg?


"Chalazae"  5:00

Samantha Krukowski   video
Bruce Pennycook  sound  

The ordinary becomes extraordinary - the real becomes unreal.  Emerge yourself  into what an egg is - a potent universe unto itself ...


 "Crazy Woman"  4:10

Kyunghwa Lee  image and animation  and sound


"I just want to know what a crazy person's point of view makes possible.  Being a crazy woman to me has always meant finding the way to be myself.  "


Justin Lincoln    images
Ben Owen   sound

Tuned out and in --- tripping in Osaka....


"Runa's Spell"  3:30

Stephanie Maxwell   animation
Michaela Eremiasova  music composer

The music creates a "spiritual sense of journey through the fractional evocation of Egyptian folk song."  The  "sonorous texture of trembling and contorted sound images" is visualized by sensual and abstract images  - and "pixillation of live creatures"!

"White Noise"  9:45

Dennis Miller   image, animation, music composition

The latest iteration in Miller's ouvre is more organic than ever.  Though abstract, the hyper-realistic forms and spatial sound convince you of their innateness.


Alex Potts   light painting and music


"A poem for your optical mind.....
a light painting for your ears....
a song for the spirits who cross the luminous void: 
Oh say can you see?"

"Seek Assistance"   3:04

Vishal Shah  director, video
Adam Stansbie   sound
Seb Humphrey & Lewis Campbell  performances

"A personal myth projected as noise and interference which intensifies with intrigue and mystery."

"Pixielation"  3:00

Kyle Silfer  a.k.a. SIGNAL DECAY  video / music

"In-Gameboy-camera experimentation with pixilation, video feedback and stop-motion."

"Het Huis"  8:50

Jan Suschitzky  director
Neil Thornock  music from "pastorogenesic"

" The House is made of pieces of memories of a place I knew, where once was this house.  It's a search or almost a quest to connect the past to here and now.  What happened?"

"Another Kind of Blues"  5:05  

Emile "Dr. T" Tobenfeld   video
The Immersions   music

Dr. T, an inveterate performer and inventor of one of the best music improvising softwares ever (for the Atari, no less) ,  layers and distorts images upon images - in a spontaneous frenzy.

"Extagram-02"  1:46

Tanja Vujinovic  image and sound


"Discrete events in noisy domains are the general framework of various micro-projects about static, communication noise, its boundaries and atmospheric drifting into the realms of signals and their emitters.  They deal with the random locations of info-dust."

All quotes are the artists' statements.


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