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Artists Interviewed
 and Notes on Curating

If you wish to exhibit NSA Festival programs at your institution, please contact us to make arrangements.


The Not Still Art Festival is a festival by artists for artists.  It receives funds from a Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, which redistributes funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  These funds go to traveling artists as honorariiums.

New York State Council on the Arts  Experimental Television Center

Not Still Art is a sponsored project of the
New York Foundation for the Arts

Additionally we would like to thank the Micro Museum for hosting the Festival , as well as for providing us with this website and for media facilities.

...a forum for abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music and sound design

The 11th Annual NOT STILL ART Festival
Saturday October 7, 2006

Location:  Micro Museum, 123 Smith St., Brooklyn, NYC


Curator:  Carol Goss  "There has been so much time and energy spent with representation, that even now when people do abstraction, they're obsessed with what is being represented and abstracted. It's like they're going back two layers, as opposed to just dealing with the pixels, the texture, the light that's there."          


"thereabouts"  5:15

Peter Byrne / Carole Woodlock  animation

Ethan Borshansky music

"Erasure and color create a contemplation on
memory and space."  


"Discord: metal and meat" 5:08 

Stephan Larson  image and music

"The conflict between  man and nature is constantly regrouping, but ultimately favors nature."



  "Cycle" 7:28

Edward Ramsay-Morin  animation and sound design

" exploration of a world of endless production and consumption where the players, each a modern Sisyphus, are bound to it by their participation."

"The Suskind Sisters" 2:45

Kadet Kuhne    director / audio

"...a short experiment in which  human communication is translated into audible frequencies."

"ReadyMadeLife" 6:00

Marco Villani  director

"...made up of pictures taken from cameras of video survellance.  Human life takes place in a specific linguistic context and I was interested in explaining this fact through an observation of social life."

"Eyes" 1:32     

Ruud Vrugt  director


Unrelated images are animated into a composition which reflects the reality of media life, if not the life of reality.



"The Magritte Report" 2:00

Daveed Shwartz   animation and images
Christoph Baaden  edit
Benjamin Peret  poem "New Superstitions"
Lothar Wollech   Rene Magritte photograph

"The assault of sounds, images and graphics an the blurred line between entertainment and hard news can make watching television news anywhere int he world a confusing and incomprehensible affair.
Maybe it's time for the real surreal global network."

"Rural Vignette No. 3"   2:06

Brit Bunkley   image and animation
Jason Molina    music


This "short dreamscape vignette obliquely refers to psychological as well as environmental and social dislocations. "

"Parts Per Million"  6:00     

John Hawk    video and sound


 "An abstract lyrical view of the complexity of the things around us.... Processed and then reprocessed... done using both antique analog video instruments and modern digital devices."


"Draw Me A Fish"  1:53

Lora Petrova Markova    image and animation

" A story about the imaginative process of painting, drawing and thinking, referring to Exupery's 'Draw Me a Sheep' and inspired by a Zen tale."



"All That Remains"  5:50

Stephanie Maxwell  image and animation 
Michaela Eremiasova   music composition / sound design

" intricate mosaic of sequences of animated abstract images and musical passages that create a chaotic and tightly choreographed portrayal of figurative matter in perpetual decomposition."

"Evocation"  4:02

Jaeyoon Park  director / animator
Junho Yang   music
Soo Myun Jeong  music performance

"...a visual ode influenced by the poem 'Evocation', written by Kim So Wol.  The poem consists of strong emotional conflicts that occur from losing a loved one.  And these develop Han, ironic or paradoxical emotions, which I try to illustrate in  this piece."


"Contemporary Mandala"  4:34

Robert G. Rolfe-Redding   animation and music


"...references the mysteries of the universe and the relationship that consciousness has with it.  It is a mandala for our time."

"Learning to Play How High the Moon"  4:00

Yeon Choi   image and animation
Jerry McGuire   poem and music


"Poem and animation play out a parallel conversation, independent of but echoeing each other's concerns.  The animation delineates a personal journey - a spiritual search among the landscapes of the mind. "

"Rorrim Pt. 1"  3:14

Andrew Greaves   image and animation
Ian Willcock  sound design

 A navigation through cantilevered space and time.  Defying observable physics, we careen and swerve in a static trance.  An excerpt.

"Path 1"  5:25

Betsey Biggs   video
Evidence:  Scott Smallwood / Stephan Moore   music

"Our paths are sometimes sublime, often scary as hell, and always  mysterious. Path 1 can be seen as an incantation of resolve."

"Composition 4"  3:48

Thomas Liphard   video and sound


"A non-narrative montage of 3 abstracted and disconnected events.  A lyrical poem, in motion."

"Tracer"   5:42

Deborah Cornell  images and virtual reality animation
Richard Cornell   music composer
Boston Musica Viva, conducted by Richard Pittman  music performance

American and Autralian desert imagery, plus cultural artifacts, are the virtual environment of this piece which is specially navigated for video on an Immersadesk.  "Scale and position are relative and deceptive."   The poignancy of the violin and piano duet correspond to the pathos we feel for the remnants of ancient cultures. 
This is the excerpted last movement of the more extended piece.

"Dust"  3:33

Shimpei Takeda   video
John Hudak   music / sound design


Cosmic dust, background radiation of the universe, debris in space.  Matter and light spiral on a broken chord of alietory, random acoustic music and sound design.  There is no plan, no destination, but continual movement which somehow does not seem purposeless, in fact, seems totally plausable as outer or inner space. An excerpt  from the opening a the longer piece.

"Allegro Ma Non Troppo"  1:30

Gerhard Mantz  image, animation, music

Is this a Tango Palace in Berlin?  NO - it's alien life with a groove.  An excerpt.

"Hell's Prow" 2:33  

Heath Hanlin     image and sound design

"...a data driven, synthesized complex system, visualized and auralized as a computer animation and audio composition.  Digital Elevation Model (DEM) datasets from the United States Geological Survery (USGS)...  are sampled  and woven together to generate a unified matrix of motion.... I am interested in making interpolations of statistics from sources humans neither own nor control.... What I found is a stream of order writhing through chaos."
An excerpt.

"XYZ"  4:10

László Zsolt Bordos / Ivó Kovács  image and animation
Prxt Krisztián Prokob  music


"We have chosen the title XYZ for the reason, that it expresses the aspiration for something timeless, something absolute, along the XYZ coordinates, appearing in our work in a relative time and playful manner.  It is a way to experiment space."

"Infinite Range" 2:06  

Erik Rasmussen     animation
Thor Alvarez   music

A hyper 2D-3D trajectory pulses with life without anthropomorphizing movement or form. The startling super-pop music whips and swings.

"The Rice Song"  3:00

Chris Casady  image and animation
John Dentino, The Fibonaccis  music
Maggie Song  vocal


Western meets Eastern or an avatar's music video - or a flash in the rice paddy ...

"Static Ocean"  3:22  

99Hooker     video and poetry
Jason Misik    music


99Hooker's cultural clairvoyance set to psychedelic bubbles.

"Amazilia"  2:15

Brian Evans   music and graphics

"Everything reduces to data mapping and information design....  I take numeric models and see what songs and pictures they will make....
What palette of colors to use?  What set of pitches?  How long?  How big?  The artist chooses."

"Blueroom"  1:25 

Kevi Louis-Johnson   image and sound

"...this 'digital painting' simulates the frenzy of intense traffic and motion depicted in the style of futurist paintings of the early twentieth century."

"Turgator"  3:06

Marjan Moghaddam  animation
Adam Caine Trio  music
Adam Caine  electric guitar
Ken Filiano  bass
Phil Haynes  drums

"3d environments that use sound files as direct triggers for dynamics in addition to keyframing....redefine and further explore abstraction, dissonance, movement, media-induced synaesthesia and non-linear visual narrative..."    Powerful, fluid animation and relentless electric guitar.

All quotes are the artists' statements.


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