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"Video Art: What It Is" Panel

May 10, 1997 (1 PM)   Cooperstown Art Association

Video Art & Music Festival Schedule 1997

This is a .jpg file of the panel discussion held May 10, 1997.  BORDER=2> </center><P>The above picture is of panelists, from right to left: William Laziza, Mary Ann Kearns, and Kathleen Laziza.  <H5><I>Photo by Frank Rollins.</I></H5><P><H3><I>A panel of artists, presenters and curators will discuss the history of Abstract and Non-narrativevideo art and its relationship with our culture.  Individuals will address specific issues.  Questions will beentertained.  The panel will be videotaped for exhibition to a group of Arts Presenters sponsoredthe New York State Council on the Arts on May 12, 1997.  Excerpts will be broadcast on cable television.Open to the public.</I></H3><P><H2 ALIGN=CENTER>PANELISTS</CENTER></H2><P><H4>BOB DOYLE, <I>Ex-Program Director of the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY,currentPhD. candidate in Media Studies at Syracuse University, artist and curator. </I>  Bob will discuss thehistory of  the Visual Studies Workshop's video art collection as well as its initiatives in the community.He will also talk about recent curatorial work with the Everson Museum and Synapse video artcollections in Syracuse.  </H4><P><H4>MARY ANN KEARNS, <I>Founder of the 911 Gallery, an internet digital art gallery representingsome of the  nation's most prominent digital graphics artists.   Her Master's thesis is on the workof pioneer video artist Nam June Paik. She is organizing an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art inWashington, DC this summer.</I> Mary Ann will discuss the internet and art and the future of artist'swork in this new virtual domain.</H4> <P><H4>KATHLEEN LAZIZA, <I>Dancer, choreographer, presenter and cable television producer, she and  WilliamLaziza exhibit video art at Promote Art Works and have curated KATHLEEN LAZIZA, dancer and co-director of Promote Art Works, will discuss how her dance career combines with her media activities and how her work has been affected by video performance.

WILLLIAM LAZIZA, Video artist and co-director of Promote Art Works. William will discuss his philosophy of abstract imaging as well as entertain questions relating to the broadcast of video art in cable television.

MARY ANN KEARNS, director of the 911gallery and video historian, will discuss the origins of video art and how the art world relates to it.

CAROL GOSS, WALTER WRIGHT and EUGENE MARTYNEC will be setting up their respective studios for the evening performance of "Live Blue Light" in the same space as the panel and so will be available to participate in the discussion.

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