Deadline: Postmark April 1, 1999

Festival:  May 8 & 9, 1999    ONI Gallery,  Boston Cyberarts Festival, Boston, MA

Not Still Art Festival : www.improvart.com/nsa/nsa.htm

The NOT STILL ART FESTIVAL was created in 1996 to celebrate abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging and its relationship to music and sound.  The visual uniqueness of the electronic medium is a determining aesthetic element in work screened at the Festival.

Submission Guidelines:

  • $10. Application fee payable to NSA.
  • Format:  S-VHS, Hi8 or 3/4" tapes.  Standard: NTSC
  • Length: approximately 5 minutes is ideal as we currently try to screen as much work as possible.
  • Label tape with title, credits and program length.
  • Include a resume and any other materials that promote your program, a .jpg or .gif file of a screen image is appreciated.
  • No restriction to the number of programs submitted.
  • Send self-addressed stamped post card for confirmation of tape arrival.
  • TO HAVE YOUR TAPE RETURNED, ENCLOSE S.A.S.E.  (If your tape is chosen for the screening it will be retained in our archives)!!!

  • The Not Still Art Festival is sponsored by the Boswell Museum of East Springfield, NY.  The Festival is also made posible with promotional support from Media Alliance at WNET/Thirteen, FIVF/AIVF and the Bay Area Video Coalition.

    Send programs postmarked by April 1, 1999 to:

    NOT STILL ART, P.O. Box 496, 33 Lancaster St., Cherry Valley, NY 13320-0496
    FAX: 607.264-3476   EMAIL: nsa_fest.hotmail.com



    (please print)







    TITLE OF PROGRAM(S):_________________________________________________

    LENGTH OF PROGRAM(S):_______________________________________________

    PRIMARY CREDITS:_____________________________________________________


    The Not Still Art Festival screening will be made available for touring.   There are  also plans to broadcast the screening on cable television and to make videotape copies available.   Please  indicate your agreement by signing below:

    1.)  I want the Not Still Art Festival to use still images and/or 30 sec. music/video clips from my program(s) on the NSA Website and in other promotional materials.

    2.)  I want the Not Still Art Festival to cablecast, exhibit, and distribute my program(s).

    3.)  I agree to let the Not Still Art Festival edit the length of my program(s) if exhibition constraints are necessary.

    4.)  I have the rights to all images, sound and music on my program, which is copyrighted as follows:

    Signature:_________________________    Date:_____________________________