Eugene Martynec

Electronic Musician

Eugene Martynec has been involved in all facets of music making since high school in Toronto in the late 1960s. He performed and recorded with pop groups Bobby Kris and the Imperials and The Kensington Market, where he develop an interest in record production. He studied electronic music, composition and orchestration with Dr. Samuel Dolin at the Royal Conservatory of Music where he received 2 scholarships to study electronic music (1970-1975). His interest in record production resulted in a Juno Award in 1981 for his work with Bruce Cockburn and pop group "Rough Trade". He has produced over 40 record albums from 1969 to the present. Eugene has been involved in all facets of commercial music writing, producing and performing. His main interest now is performing live interactive electroacoustic music and the use of alternate controllers for music making. The following is list of activities using the unique program "Midi-ax" in live performances over the last five years.